Special Maintenance Setting for every surface damage

ARTUS repairs, coats and finishes almost all surfaces and undercoats. We provide nationwide the highest level of special maintenance setting of surfaces since 2005. This can be guaranteed by the combination of many years of experience, an excellent trained team of professionals and many satisfied customers.

You can save Resources, Time and Money

Our special maintenance setting results are accepted by insurance companies.

  • More than 30.000 successful completed jobs with countless damages
  • More than 60 permanent employees
  • More than 10 years of experience and product excellence

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Reasons for ARTUS

Throughout the daily exercise with various crafts and damages, ARTUS employees gained immense experience in exercising special refurbishing materials as well with the adjustment of the right shade of color. A special maintenance setting is visually only as good as it gets, depending on the accuracy level of the shade of color to match. Given the situation on site and the condition of light all damages are individually repaired.


  • Bearbeitung Guaranteed fast procession of your requests
  • Hilfe Fastest help in need of complaints and warranty claims
  • Stets An open ear to all your concerns
  • Stets Consultation by telephone for all questions

Examples of possible surface-materials



We strongly engage in a resource-friendly sustainable management. By using our services you can save money and help to make our future a better place.

Read more about our sustainability engagement and why ARTUS is the perfect service provider for you as a partner or customer.



ARTUS guarantees consisting quality whilst providing excellence in craftsmanship and product-quality level.



We respond to every request within 48 hours and will be on site asap.


Location independent

Independent of the area of application, we individually repair all damages nationwide on site. The damaged object has not to be substituted.